That's How I Roll!

As a woman who has lived with a rare disability since birth, I am always looking for assistive devices and services to make my life easier and more fulfilling. I have spent many frustrating hours on the internet searching for reliable reviews of products and services for the disabled only to come away empty-handed. Most of the product reviews I found were written by non-disabled individuals and/or were endorsed by the product manufacturer. Of course, these reviews are biased and not as helpful as I would like. Just as an owner of a dog wouldn’t find reviews of cat products very helpful or even pertinent, non-disabled product testers cannot truly offer genuine or accurate opinions on assistive devices or supportive services without having a disability for which these were designed to help. Plato said; “Necessity is the mother of invention” and my need for unbiased opinions of products has prompted me to start a blog dedicated to offering my feelings, as someone confined to an electric wheelchair due to a form of muscular dystrophy, on assistive devices and services for disabled individuals. I invite everyone who has an interest in my blog to, not only, read it but to share your ideas and opinions, too. Like me, I know many people look for feedback on assistive technology and supportive services and this blog; “That’s How I Roll” will provide guests with recommendations for all products important to one’s wellbeing.


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